António Olaio



Kubikgallery - Contemporary Art Gallery


Situated in a privileged area in the city of Porto, Kubikgallery emerged in 2010 as a space of artistic promotion with the main purpose of representing Portuguese and foreign artists, not only in Portugal but also externally, through successive participations in international art fairs. Therefore, it aims to promote cultural interchange, enriching the exhibition of art and its knowledge by the public.

Simultaneously, as a cultural and artistic entity, the gallery strives in engaging the promotion and growth of contemporary production and creation, excelling by professionalism and quality.

Through its singular exhibition space, many forms of curation, practices and concepts are possible, opening up the spectrum of the aesthetic experience for the creators and for the spectators.

Kubikgallery presents itself innovative, bold, ambitious and, above all, active and present, moving at the pace that pulses the most contemporary art.